Friday, March 5, 2010

Why Beer Needs Watering Down

From Times Online:

Brewers are teaming up with environmentalists to help to conserve water supplies — and ensure the pints keep flowing.

It’s enough to make beer drinkers cry into their pints. A combination of factors, including rapid population growth, expanding food needs and unpredictable weather patterns, is heralding a global water crisis. Chronic water shortages are already hitting many regions, particularly in developing countries. Industry, which accounts for about 22 per cent of global fresh water consumption, is increasingly concerned about what will happen when the taps run dry. Brewers are among the most vulnerable: a pint of beer is up to 95 per cent water. Drinkers have been warned that, as water supplies dry up, prices could rise and supplies could be threatened. The battle is on to keep the pumps open.

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