Friday, June 22, 2012

Will Microsoft Build It`s Own Windows Phone 8?

Microsoft May Build Own Windows Phone 8 -- Information Week

Microsoft might rile its hardware partners again by developing and bringing to market its own Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Microsoft has had a big week. On Monday, it revealed the Surface tablet, a Windows 8 device that the company will manufacture itself. On Wednesday, Microsoft showed off the core features of Windows Phone 8, a significant leap forward for the platform that should boost its appeal to consumers, businesses, and developers alike. Both announcements enjoyed a warm welcome and demonstrated that Microsoft clearly has a long-term strategy in play that will coalesce in the coming months.

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My Comment: Microsoft certainly has the resources and means to produce a smartphone .... but will they? My gut tells me yes.

Remembering Alan Turing, The Father Of The Computer

Remembering Alan Turing At 100 -- Endgadget

Alan Turing would have turned 100 this week, an event that would have, no doubt, been greeted with all manner of pomp -- the centennial of a man whose mid-century concepts would set the stage for modern computing. Turing, of course, never made it that far, found dead at age 41 from cyanide poisoning, possibly self-inflicted. His story is that of a brilliant mind cut down in its prime for sad and ultimately baffling reasons, a man who accomplished so much in a short time and almost certainly would have had far more to give, if not for a society that couldn't accept him for who he was.

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More News On Alan Turing

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Alan Turing 100: Visionary, war winner ... game maker? -- The Register
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The Move To Limit Freedom On The Web Picks Up

A global concern: Protesters from the Anonymous India group in Mumbai of hackers wear Guy Fawkes masks as they protest against laws they say gives the government control over internet usage

The Battle For Internet Freedom: Russia Tells U.N. During Secret Talks That It Wants To Be Able To censor The Web To Repress Political Opposition -- Daily Mail

* Russian President Vladimir Putin 'wants there to be centralised control of the internet'
* U.S. vows to block any proposals at U.N. Internet conference involving 170 countries
* Global web treaty will be first revision to rules in 20 years
* 'Leaks' website set up to make treaty negotiations transparent

Russia wants the ability to censor the internet - but the U.S. plans to stonewall the plans at a U.N. conference later this year.

Russia says it wants wants the right to block access where it is used for 'interfering in the internal affairs, or undermining the sovereignty, national security, territorial integrity and public safety of other states, or to divulge information of a sensitive nature'.

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My Comment: This is not surprising. The last thing that an authoritarian government wants is the free flow information .... and the internet is one massive flow of information.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

How Camera Tech Is Revolutionizing Surveillance

A photograph of the Seattle skyline taken with the Aware-2 camera. (Duke University Imaging and Spectroscopy Program / June 20, 2012)

New Gigapixel Camera May Revolutionize Photography, Surveillance -- L.A. Times

Say cheese: Engineers have created a new camera with the capability of capturing over a gigapixel of data, a resolution that is significantly better than normal human vision.

Pixels represent individual points of data in an image, so the more pixels in a single image, the more details can be resolved within that image. The average retail camera currently captures only about 8 to 10 megapixels. The resolution of the gigapixel camera is at least 100 times better than that, and the researchers say their design may eventually be able to capture 50 gigapixels at once.

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My Comment: How times have changed. This tech would have been treated as Top Secret a few years ago .... today .... if you have the money .... anyone can get one.

The Apple - Google War

Why Apple Is Going “Containment” Not “Thermonuclear” Against Google In iOS 6 -- Search Engine Land

I keep hearing people talking about Apple finally going “thermonuclear” on Google with the forthcoming iOS 6 mobile operating system. No, it hasn’t. In fact, there are good reasons why it can’t, though Apple is certainly exercising a much more subtle and smart containment strategy.

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My Comment: Steve Jobs is gone .... and Apple is a different company that is not looking for conflict .... but something else.

Why Bird Flu Research Is Dangerous

Image: The H5N1 virus could mutate to a deadlier form and spread to humans

Bird Flu 'Could Mutate To Cause Deadly Human Pandemic' -- BBC

The H5N1 bird flu virus could change into a form able to spread rapidly between humans, scientists have warned.

Researchers have identified five genetic changes that could allow the virus to start a deadly pandemic.

Writing in the journal Science, they say it would be theoretically possible for these changes to occur in nature.

A US agency has tried unsuccessfully to ban publication of parts of the research fearing it could be used by terrorists to create a bioweapon.

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My Comment:
This info should make any potential bio-terrorist happy .... they now have the blue print to cause a pandemic.

U.S. Cyber Weapons Are Being Revealed

We’re Slowly Starting to See U.S.’ Cyber Weapons -- Defense Tech

For years now, Defense Department officials have refused to discuss the details of the Pentagon’s offensive capabilities in the cyber arena, even as they railed against all the cyber attacks against the United States’ ever-vulnerable networks.

It seems however, that the Pentagon is happy to let actions speak for it. Earlier this spring, news reports emerged saying that it was indeed the U.S. and Israel who were behind the Stuxnet worm that famously wreaked havoc on Iran’s attempts to enrich uranium for its nuclear program. That worm was designed to make its way accross copmuter networks around the globe before infiltrating the specific type of Seimens-made SCADA computer that controlled the speeds at which Iran’s uranium enrichment centrifuges spun at. Once inside said computers, the infamous worm reprogrammed the centrifuges to spin at the wrong speeds where they would wreck the enrichment process.

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My Comment: And what we have seen .... I suspect .... is just the tip of the iceberg.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Three New Biodefense Centers In The U.S.

Photo: Texas A&M University moves to the forefront of the US biodefense effort (credit: Texas A&M University)

U.S. Launches Three Biodefense Centers -- Kurzweil Accelerating Intelligence

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) today awarded contracts for the creation of three new centers tasked with responding to the threat of future pandemics and biological attacks, Nature News Blog reports.

Based in Maryland, North Carolina and Texas, the three “Centers for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing” are the first tangible result of a review concluded by HHS in 2010.

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My Comment: Pandemics, biological attacks .... this has all been known for a very long time. But why the rush to build the centers now?

A History Of Tetris

Tetris: Can A Cold War Classic Evolve For The Touchscreen? -- The Verge

The game couldn't be simpler. One of seven shapes falls from the sky. As the "Tetrimino" inches down the screen, the player rotates it and moves it into place among other similar objects. Build a horizontal line across the board and the entire thing vanishes. Create four lines at once, and they all disappear as the gamer earns massive points. Rotate, drop, explode. Rinse, wash, repeat. Again. And again. And again. A simple and repetitive task, but one that's beautiful when performed correctly.

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My Comment
: A sad confession .... I wasted many hours of my life playing this game.

U.S. Air Forces Launches Secret US Spy Satellite

A United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket launches the classified NROL-38 spy satellite into orbit from Space Launch Complex-41 at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida on Wednesday. Liftoff occurred at 8:28 a.m. EDT. The national security satellite will be used by the National Reconnaissance Office. Patrick H. Corkery/United Launch Alliance

Shhh — Air Forces Launches Secret US Spy Satellite -- MSNBC/

Few details are offered up on clandestine national security mission for NRO.

A new U.S. spy satellite launched into orbit Wednesday, kicking off a clandestine national security mission for the National Reconnaissance Office.

The NROL-38 reconnaissance spacecraft lifted off at 8:28 a.m. EDT from Space Launch Complex-41 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, atop a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Atlas 5 rocket. It marked a milestone flight for the rocket company, a partnership between Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

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More News On Today's 'Secret Launch' Of A US Spy Satellite

Secret military satellite heads into space -- CNet
US military launches new satellite into space -- AFP
NRO satellite lifts off from Cape Canaveral -- Air Force Times
Classified military satellite lifts-off from Cape Canaveral -- Examiner
Classified US satellite successfully orbited -- Flight Global

Voyager 1 Moves Ever Closer To The Solar System's Edge

Voyager 1 One of the two identical Voyager probes, as photographed by NASA. NASA

Voyager 1, Moving Ever Closer To Solar System's Edge, Hit By Rapidly Increasing Amounts of Cosmic Rays -- Popular Science

It's perched on the very edge of the solar system, and new data is the strangest yet.

For at least a year now, NASA has been waiting with bated breath for Voyager 1 to pass through the boundary of our solar system and become our first emissary to the stars. It’s been cruising the edge for some time, but when it finally leaves forever, it won’t be a satisfyingly clear punch-through — so it’s hard to say exactly when this will happen. Or happened. Now the spacecraft is in another strange new zone, where the influx of cosmic particles has been ramping up by the week.

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My Comment: Yup .... one can say that we are now exploring the stars.

100 Greatest Discoveries In Physics (Video)

Has The Higgs Boson Particle Been Found?

Photo: A disk full of silicon sensors that sits as an endcap on ATLAS, one of the LHC experiments searching for the Higgs boson. Peter Ginter/ATLAS collaboration/CERN

Physics Community Afire With Rumors of Higgs Boson Discovery -- Wired

One of the biggest debuts in the science world could happen in a matter of weeks: The Higgs boson may finally, really have been discovered.

Ever since tantalizing hints of the Higgs turned up in December at the Large Hadron Collider, scientists there have been busily analyzing the results of their energetic particle collisions to further refine their search.

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My Comment: I guess we will find out in a few weeks.

Welsh And Cornish Are The 'Purest Britons'

Those in south east and central England were described by Donnelly as "a real genetic cocktail", with parts of their DNA matching the pre-Roman population, Anglo-Saxon and the Danish Viking settlers. Photo: ROBERT HARDING PICTURE LIBRARY

Welsh And Cornish Are The 'Purest Britons', Scientists Claim -- The Telegraph

Natives from Wales and Cornwall could hold the title for the "purest" Britons, a scientific study suggests.

Scientists drew up a map of the British Isles revealing the genetic ancestry of people from different rural areas across the UK.

After extensive DNA surveying, they found that Welsh and Cornish people were among the most genetically distinct groups in the country.

One theory for the difference in their DNA is that they are a "relic" population, tracing their ancestry back to the tribes that colonised Britain after the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago.

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My Comment: A lot has happened in 10,000 years.

Robots Get A Feel For The World

Like the human finger, the group's BioTac® sensor has a soft, flexible skin over a liquid filling. (Credit: USC)

Robots Get A Feel For The World: Touch More Sensitve Than A Human's -- Science Daily

ScienceDaily (June 18, 2012) — What does a robot feel when it touches something? Little or nothing until now. But with the right sensors, actuators and software, robots can be given the sense of feel -- or at least the ability to identify different materials by touch.

Researchers at the University of Southern California's Viterbi School of Engineering published a study June 18 in Frontiers in Neurorobotics showing that a specially designed robot can outperform humans in identifying a wide range of natural materials according to their textures, paving the way for advancements in prostheses, personal assistive robots and consumer product testing.

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My Comment: This has many real world applications.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Mystery At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea

Hefty trajectory: The Swedish diving team noted a 985-foot flattened out 'runway' leading up to the object, implying that it skidded along the path before stopping but no true answers are clear

Pictured: The UFO-Shaped Object Found At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea... Covered In Soot, With 'Little Fireplaces' And Lying At The End Of A 1,000ft Runway -- Daily Mail

* Object is raised about 10 to 13ft above seabed and curved at the sides like a mushroom
* It has a 60 metre diameter with an egg-shaped hole leading into it from the top
* Hole is surrounded by an strange rock formation that expedition team can not explain
* Stones are covered in something 'resembling soot' which has baffled experts

Sceptics expected that a deep-water dive would debunk the slew of extra-terrestrial theories surrounding an unidentified object sitting at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

But the Swedish expedition team that took the plunge surfaced with more questions than answers - and certainly no solution to its origins.

The divers found that the object, which some have likened to the Millennium Falcon because of its unusual round outline, was raised about 10 to 13ft above the seabed and curved in at the sides, giving it a mushroom shape.

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My Comment: I am always skeptical when I read UFO stories like this one .... but I will confess that sometimes they are fun to read on the oft-chance that maybe there is a surprise just waiting to be discovered.

No Rules For Cyber-Robot Wars

Rules For Robot-War -- Irfan Husain, DAWN

DOES the deployment of a computer virus by one state against another constitute an act of war? In this wired world, sabotaging a country’s computer systems through malware, or a piece of computer code designed to cause damage, is surely an offensive action equivalent to firing a missile at an enemy.

But thus far, international law has not kept pace with technology, and states can and do use these unseen weapons to further their agendas. Thus, malware like Stuxnet and Flame have apparently been launched against Iranian computers by American and Israeli experts to slow down its nuclear programme and to spy on its leaders.

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My Comment: I have been commenting regularly that as cyber attacks become more sophisticated and targeted, it will only be a matter of time before we experience a cyber 9/11 attack that will incapacitate critical computer networks (i.e. travel, banking, etc.) as well as critical infrastructures (electrical, water, etc..) that are dependent on computer networks.

When that day happens .... the debate on rules for cyber attacks and the consequences of launching one will then start.

Western Officials Are Acknowledging That The U.S. And Israel Did Launch A Cyber Attack Against Iran's Nuclear Facilities

U.S., Israel Developed Flame Computer Virus To Slow Iranian Nuclear Efforts, Officials Say -- Washington Post

The United States and Israel jointly developed a sophisticated computer virus nicknamed Flame that collected critical intelligence in preparation for cyber-sabotage attacks aimed at slowing Iran’s ability to develop a nuclear weapon, according to Western officials with knowledge of the effort.

The massive piece of malware was designed to secretly map Iran’s computer networks and monitor the computers of Iranian officials, sending back a steady stream of intelligence used to enable an ongoing cyberwarfare campaign, according to the officials.

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More News On The U.S. - Israeli Cyber Attack Against Iran's Nuclear Facilities

U.S., Israel developed Flame computer virus: newspaper -- Reuters
US, Israel made Flame virus to thwart Iran: report -- AFP
Israel, US collaborated in creation of Flame virus to slow Iran's nuke efforts, report says -- FOX News
Flame virus confirmed as U.S.-Israeli plan -- UPI
Report: US, Israel designed Flame computer virus against Iran -- The Hill
Confirmed: Flame created by US and Israel to slow Iranian nuke program -- Ars Technica
U.S., Israel, developed Flame #thecircuit -- Hayley Tsukayama, Washington Post
How Flame virus has changed everything for online security firms -- John Naughton, The Guardian

More News On The Super-Computer Wars

The Sequoia: This grey slab is just part the most powerful computer on the planet, and will be used in nuclear power research, with perhaps a game or two of chess on the side

U.S. Reclaims Top Spot In Super-Computer Wars With Machine That 'Can Do More In An Hour Than The World's Population Working Non-Stop For 320 Years' -- Daily Mail

* IBM's 'Sequoia' beats Japan's 'K machine', running 1.55 times faster while being 15 per cent more energy efficient
* Computer - which is nearly 300,00 times faster than machines from 20 years ago - will be used for nuclear studies

In the super-computing league table, the U.S. has reclaimed 'top spot' from Japan.

IBM's Sequoia computer, which is 1.55 times faster than Japan's previous record-breaker, the Fujitsu K Computer, was installed and switched on at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

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My Comment: Impressive speeds .... and they are still getting faster.

The USB Stick That Deletes All Viruses

Fix Me: Stick the USB key into your PC and it will stop Windows from loading - and scan your computer for errors

The USB Stick That You Plug Into Your Computer - And Then It Deletes All The Viruses -- Daily Mail

Getting a virus cleaned off your computer can be a burden at the best of times.

But now a new USB stick aims to make it far easier by giving you the same tools as the professionals - and all you have to do is plug it in.

The FixMeStick supposedly finds the files which other anti-virus programmes miss by using powerful anti-virus software normally used by computer technicians.

All users have to do is put it into a USB slot on their PC and it will do the rest.

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My Comment: The firm that manufactures this tech is in Montreal .... and I live in Montreal. I guess I should pay them a visit and report more later.

Australian Aboriginal Rock Art Is 28,000 Years Old

Art on the ceiling of the shelter Narwala Gabarnmang. Credit: University of Southern Queensland

Aboriginal Rock Art Is 28,000 Years Old -- Cosmos/AFP

SYDNEY: Aboriginal rock art found in remote Australia has been dated at 28,000 years old, experts have said, prompting new speculation that indigenous communities were among the world's most advanced.

Archaeologists picked up the fragment in inaccessible wilderness in Arnhem Land in the country's north a year ago, and recent carbon dating of its charcoal drawing has placed it among some of the oldest art on the planet.

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My Comment: Early man was not so backwards after-all.

The World's Oldest Cave Art

A look inside the Altamira Cave in northern Spain

Red Dot Becomes 'Oldest Cave Art' -- BBC

Red dots, hand stencils and animal figures represent the oldest examples yet found of cave art in Europe.

The symbols on the walls at 11 Spanish locations, including the World Heritage sites of Altamira, El Castillo and Tito Bustillo have long been recognised for their antiquity.

But researchers have now used refined dating techniques to get a more accurate determination of their ages.

One motif - a faint red dot - is said to be more than 40,000 years old.

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My Comment: Just think about it .... art that has survived 40,000 years old.

Playmates On The Moon?

NASA Astronauts Brought Playmates To The Moon -- Discovery News

When NASA sent its Apollo astronauts to the moon, it sent them with "cheat sheets" -- wrist checklists attached to their suits that outlined the main stages of surface activities for each extravehicular activity (EVA).

But like all flight hardware, crews didn't train with their real checklists; they trained with a copy and only signed off on the unassembled flight version. Assembling the checklist fell to the backup crew, and also gave them a great opportunity to sneak practical jokes into the mission.

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My Comment: Boys will be boys.

Swarms Of Cyborg Insect Drones Are The Future Of Military Surveillance

Fingertip: The US Air Force unveiled insect-sized spies 'as tiny as bumblebees' that could not be detected and would be able to fly into buildings

Is That Really Just A Fly? Swarms Of Cyborg Insect Drones Are The Future Of Military Surveillance -- Daily Mail

The kinds of drones making the headlines daily are the heavily armed CIA and U.S. Army vehicles which routinely strike targets in Pakistan - killing terrorists and innocents alike.

But the real high-tech story of surveillance drones is going on at a much smaller level, as tiny remote controlled vehicles based on insects are already likely being deployed.

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My Comment: This is impressive tech, and an indication on what the future in surveillance will be all about.

Monday, June 18, 2012

How A Hard Drive Works In Slow Motion

Is This The 'iPad Killer' At Last?

Is This The 'iPad Killer' At Last? Microsoft Unveils New Surface Tablet Designed To Work With Windows 8 -- Daily Mail

* Microsoft Surface will use same Windows 8 operating system as PCs
* Comes with built-in stand and keyboard to replicate experience of laptop
* Company refuses to reveal price of tablet or confirm exact release date

Microsoft has unveiled the tablet computer which it hopes will topple Apple's iPad from its pedestal at the top of the market.

The 'Microsoft Surface' is specially designed to work with the firm's new Windows 8 software.

The company, which is still the market leader in computer operating systems, is counting on customers returning to the familiarity of Microsoft despite Apple's continuing 'cool' factor.

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My Comment: I like the keyboard and the size of the screen .... unfortunately .... it lacks Apple's app store.

Is This What The End Of World Will Look Like?

Awesome Mushroom Storm Cloud Dominates Skyline Over Beijing And Sparks Fresh 'End-Of-The-World' Fears -- Daily Mail

To the untrained eye, it could have been the first signal of the end of the world as nuclear war broke out.

But instead of anything sinister, the giant mushroom cloud spotted in the skies over the Chinese capital last week was simply a brilliant showcase of the wonder of nature.

The huge cloud, which appeared on Thursday, gradually took the shape of an explosion from an atomic bomb.

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Update: Giant mushroom cloud forms over Beijing (PHOTOS & VIDEO) -- Yahoo News

My Comment: I saw one of these cloud accumulations in the north of Quebec on a camping trip a few years ago .... it is awesome .... and ominous.

The Story Behind The Paper Clip

The Perfection Of The Paper Clip -- Slate

It was invented in 1899. It hasn’t been improved upon since.

The paper clip is something of a fetish object in design circles. Its spare, machined aesthetic and its inexpensive ubiquity landed it a spot in MoMA’s 2004 show Humble Masterpieces. This was a pedestal too high for design critic Michael Bierut, who responded with an essay called “To Hell with the Simple Paper Clip.” He argued that designers praise supposedly unauthored objects like the paper clip because they’re loath to choose between giving publicity to a competitor and egotistically touting their own designs. Bierut might be right about his colleagues’ motives, but he’s wrong about the paper clip: It’s not all that simple.

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How Food is Eaten

Slow-Mo Video: How Food Is Eaten -- Popular Science

Saveur assistant editor Anna Stockwell is a woman of many talents -- she cooked a whole goose last year -- but when we brought the Phantom v642 super-slow-motion super-camera over to the Saveur office, she was on her lunch break. So we just captured this footage of her and her apple.

Even ordinary phenomena are fascinating to watch when they're filmed at 1,000 frames per second! This one reminds us for some reason of a wildlife documentary.

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My Comment: Creepy ..... but cool.

IBM Supercomputer Sequoia Overtakes Fujitsu As World's Fastest

IBM Supercomputer Overtakes Fujitsu As World's Fastest -- BBC

IBM's Sequoia has taken the top spot on the list of the world's fastest supercomputers for the US.

The newly installed system trumped Japan's K Computer made by Fujitsu which fell to second place.

It is the first time the US can claim pole position since it was beaten by China two years ago.

Sequoia will be used to carry out simulations to help extend the life of aging nuclear weapons, avoiding the need for real-world underground tests.

It is installed at the US Department of Energy's Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California.

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More News On Livermore’s Sequoia Supercomputer Earning The Number #1 Rank As The World's Fastest

California Nuke Simulator Is World’s Most Powerful Computer -- Wired
IBM supercomputer overtakes Japan's Fujitsu as world's fastest -- Tech Spot
US regains top spot for fastest supercomputer -- AFP
IBM's Sequoia is the world's fastest supercomputer -- The Guardian
IBM's Sequoia Supercomputer is Now the World's Fastest Computing Machine -- Popular Science
NNSA Sequoia supercomputer takes worlds fastest title, prevents nuclear testing -- Endgadget
Nuclear weapons supercomputer reclaims world speed record for US -- The Telegraph
With 16 petaflops and 1.6M cores, DOE supercomputer is world’s fastest -- Ars Technica

Google Sees An Increase In Government Web Censorship

Google Reports 'Alarming' Rise In Censorship By Governments -- The Guardian

Search engine company has said there has been a troubling increase in requests to remove political content from the internet.

There has been an alarming rise in the number of times governments attempted to censor the internet in last six months, according to a report from Google.

Since the search engine last published its bi-annual transparency report, it said it had seen a troubling increase in requests to remove political content. Many of these requests came from western democracies not typically associated with censorship.

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More News On Google's Report That there Is An 'Alarming' Rise In Censorship By Governments

Google sees 'alarming' uptick in government censorship -- FOX News
Google sees 'alarming' level of government censorship -- CNet
Google: U.S. censorship requests doubled in last half of 2011 -- Washington Post/AP
Google Reports Rise In Removal Requests -- Radio Free Europe
Google's Censorship Juggle -- Wall Street Journal
Google censored videos offending Thai king, denied other requests -- L.A. Times
Google Receiving Record Number Of Censorship Requests, Even From Western Democracies -- Inquisitr

WNU Editor:
The Google Transparency Report is here.

Google Agrees To Take Down 640 YouTube 'Terrorism' Videos

Terror fears: Google agreed to take down hundreds of videos apparently depicting or inciting acts of terrorism at the request of UK police chiefs (file picture of a terror video)

Google Agrees To Take Down 640 YouTube 'Terrorism' Videos After Request From UK Police Chiefs -- Daily Mail

* It also removed films containing offensive remarks about the King of Thailand
* But it refused to remove video of Canadian flushing passport down toilet after officials' appeal
* Details of such requests are detailed in internet giant's Transparency Report

Google removed 640 videos from YouTube in just six months amid fears they promoted terrorism.

Five user accounts were closed for allegedly promoting terrorist activity, following requests from the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).

In the second half of last year alone, the internet giant agreed to requests that saw the 640 videos deleted.

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More News On Google Agreeing To Take Down 640 YouTube 'Terrorism' Videos

Google removes 640 videos from YouTube promoting terrorism -- The Telegraph
Police demand deletion of 640 YouTube 'terrorist' videos -- ZDNet
Google removed 640 Youtube videos for promoting terrorism last year -- Inquirer
UK Police Forced YouTube to Remove 640 Terrorist Videos in Just Half a Year -- Gizmodo
Google reveals 'terrorism video' removals -- BBC

My Comment: Only 640 videos?