Saturday, January 20, 2018

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Blood Test Can Now Detect 8 types Of Common Cancers

The Guardian: Blood test could use DNA to spot eight of the most common cancers, study shows

DNA and biomarkers could be used to detect and identify cancers, including five types for which there is currently no screening test.

Scientists have made a major advance towards developing a blood test for cancer that could identify tumours long before a person becomes aware of symptoms.

The new test, which is sensitive to both mutated DNA that floats freely in the blood and cancer-related proteins, gave a positive result approximately 70% of the time across eight of the most common cancers when tested in more than 1,000 patients.

In the future, such a test could be used in routine screening programmes to significantly increase the proportion of patients who get treatment early, at a time before cancer would typically show up on conventional scans.

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CSN Editor: Only being able to spot 8 common cancers .... and giving a positive result 70% of the time .... that is progress, albeit slow.