Friday, June 1, 2012

Why The U.N. Should Not Takeover The Internet

FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell warns a House committee that Google, iTunes, Facebook, and Netflix could face new international taxes. (Credit: U.S. House of Representatives)

U.N. Takeover Of The Internet Must Be Stopped, U.S. Warns -- CNet

A U.N. summit later this year in Dubai could lead to a new international regime of censorship, taxes, and surveillance, warn Democrats, Republicans, the Internet Society, and father of the Internet Vint Cerf.

Democratic and Republican government officials warned this morning that a United Nations summit in December will lead to a virtual takeover of the Internet if proposals from China, Russia, Iran, and Saudi Arabia are adopted.

It was a rare point of bipartisan agreement during an election year: a proposal that Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin described last year as handing the U.N. "international control of the Internet" must be stopped.

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My Comment: Every government that has tried to regulate and/or limit the use of the internet within their own country has had to face a backlash from their own citizens. As far as these governments are concerned .... having an international body like the United Nations doing their dirty work is far more preferable than doing it themselves.

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