Monday, May 28, 2012

The Porsche Covered In Crushed Diamonds

A demo car showing off Gemballa's new diamond 'paint': The paint is made from diamonds ground down to a dust that still sparkles, so it can be applied to cars like a paint. The German company claims that the sheer number of tiny diamonds in the coating leads to an 'incomparable' shin

Talk About A Pimped-Up Ride: The Porsche Covered In Crushed Diamonds (But Can It Take You To The Weekly Shop At Waitrose?) -- Daily Mail

German Porsche-tuner Gemballa has created one of the most over-the-top cars in history - a car encrusted head to toe in diamonds.

But before every rapper in the world rushes for their AmEx, this is just a demo model - real, driveable versions would have to have compromises such as windshields you can actually see through.

‘When Gemballa peaks of diamonds, we really mean it’, explains CEO Andreas Schwarz. ‘Our complex process uses genuine diamonds as its key ingredient - not metal pigments, glass fragments, or crystals.’

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My Comment: I call this imagination and brilliance run amok.

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