Friday, June 1, 2012

Has Google Gone To 'War' Against The Chinese Government?

Sly Google Wields The Knife In Chinese Internet Censorship Tussle -- Christian Science Monitor

Google has introduced a new feature for Chinese users that will pull back the curtain on Chinese Internet government censorship.

This week the search engine giant Google kept a polite smile on its face as it stuck its shiv in up to the hilt, introducing a feature to its Chinese site that tells users exactly when the censors have blocked a search word for being too “sensitive.”

The Chinese government keeps its list of banned search terms secret; Google is now revealing them. But not once did Google Vice President Alan Eustace mention the word “censorship” in his blog introducing the new feature.

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My Comment: This is effective .... by revealing what Chinese authorities are censoring, Google is .... essentially .... embarrassing the authorities. My prediction .... the Chinese government is going to react quickly .... they are losing face, and for them this is unacceptable.

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