Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NASA Is Worried About Future Moon Explorers

NASA has released a series of guidelines in an effort to protect future lunar missions from ruining the historic Apollo moon landing sites on the moon’s surface. Daily News Photo Illustration

NASA To Future Moon Explorers: Don’t Ruin Our Apollo Landing Sites -- New York Daily News

Space agency issues guidelines to help other lunar missions to protect historic remains

The next person to set foot on the moon needs to watch their step.

NASA has reached an agreement with the Google X Lunar Prize competition to prevent the next wave of moon visitors from ruining historic lunar sites.

The guidelines would also protect existing scientific experiments from getting trampled underfoot by the guests vying for $30 million in prize money.

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My Comment: I guess they are worried that some future moon explorer would go to the first Apollo site .... steal the flag .... and mark in the dust that "Killjoy was here".

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