Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leaked Image Offers First Glimpse Of iPhone 5

It's coming! 9to5Mac has released this image, purported to be the iPhone 5. Features that can be spotted include a much larger screen, and a smaller dock connector

Leaked Image Offers First Glimpse Of iPhone 5 Sporting Much Bigger Screen As Rumours Point To A June 11 Announcement -- Daily Mail

A leaked image gives us a first glimpse of the iPhone5 - and anyone who was waiting for a bigger screen may finally have their prayers answered.

Established Apple site 9to5Mac revealed a leaked image of what is claimed to be the iPhone5, and the site - which has a good record for reporting accurate leaks from Apple - has a plethora of details about the new model.

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My Comment: I know that Steve Jobs did not approve of large iPhone screens .... but I like it. This is a good move on the part of Apple.

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