Monday, May 28, 2012

Vietnam War In 3-D

Vietnam in 3-D: The Soldier Who Was The Only One To Capture The Historic War With Revolutionary Camera -- Daily Mail

When avid photographer, Joel Glenn, left his Florida home to become a helicopter pilot in the Vietnam War he wanted to document his strange surroundings and experiences in a war zone.

But his 35-millimetre slides did not do the place justice so he sent away for a three-dimensional camera, with which he proceeded to take the only known 3-D photographs of the historic event.

The unbelievable images, which truly jump from the screen, have been made into an hour-long Memorial Day documentary called 'Sky Soldier: A Vietnam Story in 3-D'. It airs at 9pm tonight on DirecTV, so get your 3-D glasses ready.

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My Comment: This photographer was way ahead of his time.

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