Monday, May 28, 2012

Sinister Truth About Google Spies

Sinister Truth About Google Spies: Web Giant Deliberately Stole Information But Executives 'Covered It Up' For Years -- Daily Mail

* Work of Street View cars to be examined over allegations Google used them to download personal details
* Emails, texts, photos and documents taken from wi-fi networks as cars photographed British roads
* Engineer who designed software said a privacy lawyer should be consulted
* Calls for police and Information Commissioner to investigate new evidence

Google is facing an inquiry into claims that it deliberately harvested information from millions of UK home computers.

The Information Commissioner data protection watchdog is expected to examine the work of the internet giant’s Street View cars.

They downloaded emails, text messages, photographs and documents from wi-fi networks as they photographed virtually every British road.

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Update: How Google used tech to ‘pry into people’s lives’ -- Times of India

My Comment: Makes you wonder if foreign intelligence agencies are doing the same thing.

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