Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Will This Powerboat Break The World Record By Sailing From Cornwall To New York On A Single Tank Of Fuel?

A group of British engineers is building a boat capable of crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Cornwall and New York in just 48 hours. The design (illustrated in a CGI image) will make the crossing with an average speed of (105km/h), beating the current two day, ten hour and 54-minute record for the crossing that has been held since 1992

Daily Mail: Crossing the Atlantic in just 48 HOURS: Wave-piercing powerboat will attempt to break the world record by sailing from Cornwall to New York on a single tank of fuel

* A group of engineers from Team Great Britain has designed a 112ft (34 metre) wave-piercing powerboat
* Led by Richard George, the team will travel from Cornwall in the UK to New York - a total of 3,100 miles (4,988km)
* The vessel will also attempt the journey on a single tank of fuel and it is hoped the boat will one day be capable of carrying passengers as a high-speed ferry
* The current record for the crossing is two days, ten hours and 54 minutes held by Aga Khan's powerboat Destriero

It is a journey that takes even the speediest cruise liners up to a week, but a group of British engineers is hoping to cross the Atlantic by boat in under two days - on a single tank of fuel.
Led by businessman Richard George, the team is building a boat capable of smashing the world record for the 3,100 mile trip (4,988km), yet said it will also be capable of carrying commercial passengers.
The wave-piercing 112ft (34 metre) powerboat, which will have a seven-man crew, will make the trip between Cornwall and New York at an average speed of 65mph (105km/h) in just 48 hours.

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CSN Editor: Before everyone gets excited, they will still have to build and test this powerboat.

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