Monday, January 4, 2016

How To Make Sure There Are No Dead Wi-Fi Spots In Your House

Gizmodo: D-Link's Wireless Router Twins Ensure There Are No Dead Spots in Your House

Even with countless antennas pointing in all directions, most consumer-level routers can’t create a wifi network that covers every last corner of a large house. So instead of selling you a wireless extender once you realize that, D-Link now has a kit with twin routers that guarantees comprehensive wifi coverage from day one.

The Unified Home Wi-Fi Network Kit is D-Link finally admitting that today’s McMansions are too large for even an expensive home wifi router to provide complete coverage. So for $370, available sometime in the second quarter of 2016, the company has bundled its AC4300 Tri-Band MU-MIMO Wi-Fi Router, and its AC1300 Gigabit Wi-Fi Extender, so that consumers can finally ensure that their wifi network, even in those distant back bedrooms, is rock solid from the moment it’s up and running.

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CSN Editor
: I definitely need this for my home.

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