Sunday, January 3, 2016

How Much Time Will YOU Spend Working, Sleeping And Having Sex In Your Lifetime?

The tool predicts how much time you'll spend doing tedious chores before you die, as well as more pleasureable activities and was created by in Reading. To begin, users have to specify which sex they are, before using a slider bar to specify how long they spend doing a task each week. These include commuting, sleeping, showering, having sex, drinking, exercising, cleaning and even talking about the weather. Once all the sections have been completed, or the option 'None of your business, that's private' is selected, users will see a screen telling them how they'll spend their days if they continue their current habits (pictured).

Daily Mail: How much time will YOU spend working, sleeping and having sex in your lifetime? Quiz analyses your habits to reveal all

* Interactive tool calculates how much time - based on an average lifespan of 83 - a user will devote to tedious tasks
* These include the time spent on cleaning and commuting, as well as pleasures such as sleeping and having sex
* Company collected data from 1,300 people who have taken the quiz to reveal the nation's habits in 2015
* This revealed men slept more than women, but had less sex - three days in 2015 compared to four

It is often said that no-one on their deathbed ever wishes they had spent more time at the office.

Now there's an interactive tool that predicts how much time you'll spend commuting, cleaning and doing other chores before you die.

It then compares these tedious tasks to more enjoyable activities, such as the amount of hours you may spend sleeping, drinking and having sex to reveal how you'll spend the rest of your life.

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CSN Editor: Hmmmm .... too close to home.

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