Monday, January 4, 2016

Study Shows San Fransisco Earthquake-Faults Are Connected

Red Orbit: Study shows San Fransisco area faults may be connected, raises possibility of massive earthquake

A new seismic study has found that two San Francisco faults may be connected, raising the possibility of a highly-destructive, massive earthquake.

The study looked at the Hayward Fault, which ruptured in a devastating 19th century Bay Area quake, and the Rodgers Creek Fault, which sits beneath San Pablo Bay. The possibility of the two being connected would pose the threat of a far more powerful quake in the future, a new seismic study has found.

US Geological Survey researcher Janet Watt conducted the study underwater using an acoustic instrument.

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Update #1: New data on 2 Bay Area faults cause worry about next big quake (SFGate)
Update #2: Alarming discovery with SF's 2 most dangerous quake lines (CBS News)

Editor: My brother lives in San Mateo (south of San Francisco). This is news that I know he never likes to hear.

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