Friday, July 13, 2012

New Wi-Fi Hotspots For New York City

A pilot program will turn 10 New York City payphone kiosks into wireless hotspots, with more to follow.

Wi-Fi Hotspots To Revive NYC Payphones -- CNN

(CNN) -- Remember payphones? This might sound crazy, but if New York City has its way, people might actually start using them again to communicate with each other.

The city announced Thursday that it has created Wi-Fi hotspots at 10 payphone kiosks in three of the city's boroughs. It's the first step in a pilot program designed to make wireless access available to as many people as possible in the city.

The kiosks (seven in Manhattan, two in Brooklyn and one in Queens) have antennas that create Wi-Fi hotspots providing free wireless service up to 300 feet away. More will be added in the coming months, according to the blog post announcing the program.

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My Comment: If it is free .... it will succeed.

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