Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Crusaders' Last Stand

Buried treasure: The coins - worth a fortune even in 1265 when they were thought to have been buried - were deliberately hidden inside a broken jug to prevent them being discovered

The Crusaders' Last Stand: Pot Of Gold Worth £300,000 Found In Fortress Where It Was Buried By Doomed Force Of Christian Knights -- Daily Mail

* Pot of gold 'Dinals' were buried by Crusaders as enemy forces closed in
* 100 coins worth up to $5000 each
* Remained hidden in fortress since 1265
* Hidden inside broken jug to prevent conquerors taking treasure

A pot of gold from the Crusades worth up to $500,000 has been found buried in an ancient Roman fortress in Israel.

The coins were buried by Christian soldiers of the order of the Knights Hospitalier as the Crusaders faced an unstoppable attack by a huge Muslim army.

The knights were annihilated in April 1265.

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My Comment: Buried for almost 750 years .... what a remarkable story it can tell.

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