Monday, July 9, 2012

Map Of Every Major Earthquake Since 1898

Michigan-based designer John Nelson charted a century's worth of earthquakes (a staggering 203,186 of them) across the globe

Shaking All Over: Map Of Every Major Earthquake Since 1898 Reveals Stunning Image Of Planet's Danger Zones -- Daily Mail

If you are looking for somewhere safe from an earthquake, this might help.

For this map shows the where every major quake has struck since 1898, and as you can see, the edge of the Pacific Ocean appears particularly dangerous. In total there are a staggering 203,186 of them, dotted all over the world.

The neon-coloured map was created as a side-project by mapping manager John Nelson, in a case of taking his work home with him, as he works for data-visualisation software maker IDV Solutions.

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My Comment: This map clearly illustrates the 'ring of fire'.

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