Friday, July 13, 2012

How Did Dinosaurs Mate?

Tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs mating - like most dinosaur species, the creatures mated like dogs

The Joy Of T-Rex: Scientists Show How Dinosaurs Had Sex (Tricky, When You Weigh 30 Tonnes And One Crucial Part Is 12ft Long) -- Daily Mail

Palaeontologists answer many tricky questions about dinosaurs - but perhaps the most interesting is how did 30-ton animals larger than four-storey buildings have sex.

A surprising amount of research has been devoted to the subject - and most researchers have concluded that dinosaurs made love like dogs

'All dinosaurs used the same basic position to mate,' said Dr Beverly Halstead, an English researcher who was one of the first to tackle the subject. 'Mounting from the rear, he put his forelimbs on her shoulders, lifting one hind limb across her back and twisting his tail under hers.'

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My Comment: 12 feet long?

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