Monday, April 9, 2012

World’s Biggest Wind Farm Is Being Planned For The South Coast Of England

What lies ahead: A mock-up of the Navitus Bay wind farm, which would cover an area the size of Glasgow

World's Biggest Wind Farm 'To Blight The South Coast' If 200 Near 700ft Turbines Are Erected Just Off Stunning Shore -- Daily Mail

The world’s biggest wind farm is being planned for the South Coast of England.

The 200 turbines would earn Dutch company Eneco billions of pounds in Government subsidies. Critics say they will ruin coastal views, while yachtsmen warn they could cause crashes.

The Royal Yacht Squadron, the prestigious sailing club whose patron is the Queen, has written to 200 sailing clubs on the Isle of Wight and along the South Coast to call for action against the development, named Navitus Bay.

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My Comment: The sailors are going to be pissed.

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