Thursday, April 12, 2012

How The Stuxnet Virus Was Delivered To Infect Iran's Natanz Nuclear Facility

(Credit: CBS Interactive)

Report: Stuxnet Delivered To Iranian Nuclear Plant On Thumb Drive -- CBS News/CNET

(CNET) An Iranian double agent working for Israel used a standard thumb drive carrying a deadly payload to infect Iran's Natanz nuclear facility with the highly destructive Stuxnet computer worm, according to a story by ISSSource.

Stuxnet quickly propagated throughout Natanz -- knocking that facility offline and at least temporarily crippling Iran's nuclear program -- once a user did nothing more than click on a Windows icon. The worm was discovered nearly two years ago.

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My Comment: Why the leak now .... on the eve of the meeting between Iran's nuclear negotiator and the major powers.

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