Tuesday, June 19, 2012

No Rules For Cyber-Robot Wars

Rules For Robot-War -- Irfan Husain, DAWN

DOES the deployment of a computer virus by one state against another constitute an act of war? In this wired world, sabotaging a country’s computer systems through malware, or a piece of computer code designed to cause damage, is surely an offensive action equivalent to firing a missile at an enemy.

But thus far, international law has not kept pace with technology, and states can and do use these unseen weapons to further their agendas. Thus, malware like Stuxnet and Flame have apparently been launched against Iranian computers by American and Israeli experts to slow down its nuclear programme and to spy on its leaders.

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My Comment: I have been commenting regularly that as cyber attacks become more sophisticated and targeted, it will only be a matter of time before we experience a cyber 9/11 attack that will incapacitate critical computer networks (i.e. travel, banking, etc.) as well as critical infrastructures (electrical, water, etc..) that are dependent on computer networks.

When that day happens .... the debate on rules for cyber attacks and the consequences of launching one will then start.

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