Monday, June 18, 2012

Google Agrees To Take Down 640 YouTube 'Terrorism' Videos

Terror fears: Google agreed to take down hundreds of videos apparently depicting or inciting acts of terrorism at the request of UK police chiefs (file picture of a terror video)

Google Agrees To Take Down 640 YouTube 'Terrorism' Videos After Request From UK Police Chiefs -- Daily Mail

* It also removed films containing offensive remarks about the King of Thailand
* But it refused to remove video of Canadian flushing passport down toilet after officials' appeal
* Details of such requests are detailed in internet giant's Transparency Report

Google removed 640 videos from YouTube in just six months amid fears they promoted terrorism.

Five user accounts were closed for allegedly promoting terrorist activity, following requests from the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo).

In the second half of last year alone, the internet giant agreed to requests that saw the 640 videos deleted.

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My Comment: Only 640 videos?

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