Wednesday, June 6, 2012

iPhone 5 To Offer 4-Inch, 16:9 Screen

Will we see a bigger screen and better camera on the next iPhone? (Credit: Apple)

iPhone 5 To Offer 4-Inch, 16:9 Screen With HD Camera, Says Analyst - CNET

Buyers waiting for the next iPhone could be greeted with a larger screen, higher aspect ratio, and better quality camera, at least if KGI analyst Mingchi Kuo is on the money.

In a new research report detailed by AppleInsider, Kuo said he believes the iPhone 5's screen will measure 4.08 inches, offer a resolution of 1,136 x 640 pixels, and boost the aspect ratio to 16:9.

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My Comment:
I prefer a bigger screen .... but it is still the right direction for Apple's iPhone.

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