Monday, May 21, 2012

'Ring Of Fire' Solar Eclipse Wows Millions

Spectacular 'Ring of Fire' Solar Eclipse Wows Millions --

Skywatchers by the millions looked up Sunday (May 20) when the moon hid most of the sun in a rare solar eclipse that created a dazzling "ring of fire" that was visible from Asia to the United States.

An estimated 6.6 million Americans, alone, lived along the U.S. path of the solar eclipse, with millions more soaking in the sight from across southern China and Japan. While spectators along a narrow track saw the moon block out up to 94 percent of the sun, leaving a bright ring round the edges, many other viewers across a wider region reveled in partial solar eclipse views.

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My Comment: Never saw a total eclipse. Hmmmm .... one more thing to put on my 'bucket list'.

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