Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Look At How McLaren Makes Their 'Supercars'

100 years since Henry Ford, production lines still prove their worth - but now computers and robots help the humans

Supercar That Was A Century In The making: McLaren Opens Doors To State-Of-The-Art Factory For New £170,000 MP4-12C 100 Years On From Henry T's Ford -- The Daily Mail

These stunning photographs give a rare insight into the £40million facility which McLaren hopes will make them the supercar world's market leader.

Supercars line the sides of the factory, as 750 experts work together to produce McLaren's first supercar, the £170,000 MP4-12C.

It is a far cry from the dawn of the car industry, when Henry Ford laboured to perfect his methods in Trafford Park, Manchester, exactly 100 years ago - simultaneously transforming the 20th century by the introducing the age of mass assembly by production lines.

Nowadays the cars may have changed, but look beyond the differences and the similarities emerge.

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My Comment: This is so cool. We all see these cars on the street .... but how they are made is just as impressive.

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