Thursday, April 19, 2012

Who Laid These Eggs?

Eggs-traordinary: A man looks at one of the dinosaur eggs, which number around 40 so far

Eggs-Traordinary: 40 Gigantic dinosaur Eggs Dating Back 60Million Years Found In Chechnya - but What Laid Them Is A Mystery -- Daily Mail

* The eggs are between 25cm and a metre in height

Geologists in Russia's volatile Chechnya region have discovered what they believe to be fossilised dinosaur eggs laid by one of the huge extinct reptiles that roamed the Earth more than 60million years ago.

'We've found about 40 eggs so far, the exact number has not been established,’ said Said-Emin Dzhabrailov, a geologist at the Chechen State University.

‘There could be many more lying under the ground.’

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My Comment: Wow .... these dinosaurs must have been huge .... correction .... super huge.

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