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Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Google Unveils New Products

Google's new range: The firm unveiled the Home Hub, Pixel Slate and Pixel 3 at a New York event. It boasted AI technology is the core of each device, and hopes to gain ground in the hardware market on rivals like Apple, Samsung, Amazon and others

Daily Mail: Google reveals the Pixel 3: Firm unveils new $799 'superselfie' handset that uses AI to answer calls itself alongside $599 Pixel Slate tablet and $149 Home Hub smart speaker

* The firm released new Pixel phones, a smart display, a new tablet and more
* Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL to include big upgrades from the Pixel 2, including super-size displays, improved cameras and wireless charging, among other things
* New 'superselfie' group selfie cam adds a second camera on the front that captures 184% more of the scene than the iPhone XS
* Call Screen feature will answer incoming calls for you to weed out robocalls
* Smart display is equipped with Google Assistant, a small screen - but no camera

Google has unveiled a slew of new hardware including its $799 (£739) Pixel 3 phones, a new $599 (£549) tablet called Pixel Slate and a $149 (£139) smart speaker with a screen called Home Hub.

The firm has pledged to build AI into its entire range at a New York event where Google's Rick Osterloh unveiled the new products, designed to take aim at Apple, Samsung and Amazon.

Its new Pixel 3 handset includes AI features that allow it to answer calls itself, weeding out robocalls and transcribing messages if a user is busy, alongside a wide angle 'superselfie' lens.

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WNU Editor: It does not have the Apple price.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Camera Showdown: Nexus One Vs. iPhone 3GS

The Nexus One's 5-megapixel camera also has an LED-powered flash.
(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

From CNET:

Rumors cropped up last week that Apple had put down a big order for LED flashes, something useful for one thing, and one thing only: a digital camera. It doesn't take much to figure that the next iteration of the iPhone is likely to be packing one of these, since many of the latest cell phones--including HTC's recently released Nexus One, now have them included.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

G-Day Is Tomorrow: Google To unveil 'iPhone Killer' Nexus One... With An Online Price Tag Of £300

Calling the future: How Google's new Nexus One phone will look, according to an internet preview

From The Daily Mail:

Google will finally reveal its first mobile phone tomorrow after months of frenzied speculation about its arrival.

The Nexus One handset, which uses software designed by the internet giant, has been developed to take on the dominant iPhone, which is used by 25million people worldwide.

Full details of the Google-branded touchscreen device - manufactured by Taiwanese company HTC - have mostly been kept under wraps despite occasional leaks.

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

'Google Phone Set For Launch': Videos Emerge Of New Nexus One Mobile Dubbed 'iPhone-Killer'

This picture of the Nexus One was one of many that have
appeared on Twitter over the weekend

From The Daily Mail:

Two videos have emerged of Google's first ever phone called Nexus One.

The mobile is still unofficial but reports suggest it will be launched in the New Year in a bid to take on Apple iPhone.

A technology website has released two short teaser clips of the phone in action. The first video showed the animation on the start up screen, incorporating the colours of Google's logo. The second appeared to show an animated wallpaper.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Will The Google Phone Change the Mobile Game By Being Entirely Ad-Supported?

Google NexusOne, Built by HTC As leaked to Engadget

From Popular Science:

Which may sound altogether unappealing, until you realize it could be how Google plans to give away their Google Phone for free and potentially shake up the whole mobile industry in the process.

The last few days have seen Google's perceived positition regarding a Google-branded Android phone do an almost complete 180. Contrary to their previously publicized lack of interest in releasing a phone of their own, the Wall Street Journal this weekend reported on details of the Nexus One, a phone to be marketed directly to consumers as the "Google Phone" in the first quarter of 2010.

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