Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Pentagon Announces A ‘Super-Soldier’ Serum That Will Grant ‘Significant Boost To Troop Performance’

U.S. Military Perfects ‘Super-Soldier’ Serum That Grants ‘Significant Boost To Troop Performance’ -- Guns.com

U.S. Military scientists in conjunction with the office of the Vice President and Warner Music Group have developed a working “super-soldier” serum that “significantly boosts troop performance.”

While President Obama recently confirmed the military is already “building Iron Man,” (see video below) the revelation that a “super-soldier” serum exists comes as nothing short of a surprise. According to military researchers, Project Perspective began over 70 years ago at the height of WWII, but it was only after combining two never-before-tried elements that the experiment truly began to shine.

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My Comment: OK .... I am two days late with my April Fools joke. :)

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