Tuesday, March 18, 2014

NSA Leaker Edward Snowden Makes A Surprise Visit At The TED 2014 Conference In Vancouver

Robot Snowden Promises More US Spying Revelations Via TED Talk -- The Australian/AFP

FORMER intelligence contractor Edward Snowden has emerged from his Russian exile in the form of a remotely-controlled robot to promise more sensational revelations about US spying programs.

The fugitive's face appeared on a screen as he manoeuvred the wheeled android around a stage at the TED gathering, addressing an audience in Vancouver without ever leaving his secret hideaway.

“There are absolutely more revelations to come,” he said. “Some of the most important reporting to be done is yet to come.” Snowden, a former National Security Agency contractor who has been charged in the United States with espionage, dismissed the public debate about whether he is a heroic whistleblower or traitor.

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My Comment: The above video is captivating to listen to.

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