Wednesday, March 26, 2014

'Elephant Dung' Coffee Known As Black Ivory Is The Most Expensive Coffee In The World

An MGM Macau staff member grinds "elephant dung" coffee beans by hand before serving up the rarefied brew. Photo: Lana Lam

Fancy An 'Elephant Dung' Coffee? Visit Macau To Taste Most Expensive Beans In The World -- South China Morning Post

Adventurous visitors to Macau line up to try unusual beans costing US$1,500 a kilogram

Whether its description involves an expletive that has to be deleted or it is hailed as God's gift to caffeine aficionados, "elephant dung" coffee is the most expensive cup on the planet.

Also known as black ivory, it costs US$1,500 a kilogram, easily exceeding the price of its similarly processed cousin, kopi luwak, or civet coffee, which ranges in price from US$500 to US$1,000 a kilogram.

And the ferry trip to Macau - the only place where you can try this coffee in China - will cost you less than the drink, which will set you back 488 patacas for 35 grams - plus service charge.

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My Comment: $1500 a kilogram for THIS!!!!! Waaaayyyy too rich for my taste.

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