Wednesday, July 25, 2012

There Goes The Paperwork As Tablets Now Rule In The White House

President Obama Wants Smartphones, Tablets To Improve Intel Monitoring -- Aol Defense

WASHINGTON: When the Presidential Daily Briefing occurs, a top intelligence official traditionally hands the president a folder with a sheaf of paper inside. The president may read what's inside or have it presented by the intelligence official. Then comes question time, when the chief executive and commander in chief can ask how reliable a source is or question the assumptions of an analysis he's just read.

But that will change. The president and his top officials want and will get a single mobile device allowing them to access highly classified and unclassified data wherever they are. The early fruits of the intelligence community's early efforts to do that are visible in the photo above. It shows President Obama in the Oval Office on January 31 using a technically neutered tablet as part of the Presidential Daily Briefing.

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My Comment
: I still prefer paper .... but digital is what the young (including this President) now want.

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