Friday, May 18, 2012

Solar Eclipse Visible From California To Texas This Sunday

Solar Eclipse Visible From California to Texas Sunday Afternoon -- ABC News

If you live in a band across the southwestern United States, twilight will seem to come early on Sunday afternoon, well before the sun actually sets.

The cause: a rare annular solar eclipse -- a ring of sunlight as the new moon, passing between Earth and the sun, blocks most, but not all, of the sun's disc.

This is not the kind of total eclipse of which you usually see pictures -- the moon blocking the sun completely, creating a few moments of near-night in the middle of the day, with only the sun's ethereal corona visible around the moon's edges. The sky will darken a bit, but there will still be a blindingly bright ring (an "annulus" in Latin) of sun, and it's dangerous to look directly at it.

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My Comment:
Too far up north to see it. Good luck to those who will be able to see it.

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