Sunday, April 22, 2012

Adult Males Will Soon Have The Same Life Expectancy As Females

Men Will Soon Live Longer Than Women For The First Time As They Ditch Their Unhealthy Lifestyles -- Daily Mail

* Boys born in 2000 will live to 87 - the same as girls
* Younger boys forecast to then outlive their female counterparts
* All due to a decline in heavy industry, fewer smokers and improved healthcare

Men could be about to win the lifelong battle of the sexes – or at least draw even.

Experts say that adult males will soon have the same life expectancy as females for the first time since records began.

By the time today’s 12-year-old boys reach 30, they can expect to live to a month or so over 87 – matching the lifespan of the girls they are in school with today.

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My Comment: It's about time. But I suspect that women will still have the advantage for a very long time.

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